BLAZING the Nintendo 3DS

January 18, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re counting the days until the new Nintendo 3DS is available, you’ll also need to start counting your pennies to make sure you’re picking up all of the cool accessories that are also set to launch.

While you’ll find all of the usual Nintendo approved carry cases, customised styluses and screen protectors available on the shelves of your local electronics store, look out for this funky selection of gear from BLAZE.

BLAZE accessories for Nintendo 3DS

Labelled the 3DS Compatible Luxury Kit this collection of accessories is suitable for both Nintendo 3DS and older DSi and DS Lite models and comes with an air foam case to protect your expensive new 3DS

In addition you’ll find the kit also features some compatible earphones, a large pen style stylus, screen protectors, a screen cleaning cloth, game cases and a soft drawstring bag to keep your accessories safe.

Where BLAZE have been particularly canny, however, is by including an in-car battery charger, something that is bound to see their stylish kit snapped up at launch thanks to the Nintendo 3DS’ rather poor expected battery life of a paltry 3-5 hours.

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