What is the Eee PC Sirocco?

January 17, 2011, By Christian Cawley

OK – your guess is as good as ours. While the name partially gives it away (we’re guessing on a compact netbook or perhaps a tablet here, people) the Eee PC Sirocco isn’t likely to be a dodgy 1980s German coupe – but all anyone has at the moment is a picture of some sand.

What is the Eee PC Sirocco?

There are literally dozens of things that this device could be, but with ASUS only revealing a name and a slogan (“Making Waves”) there is little to do but speculate.

As much as a very low cost Linux tablet would be welcomed, with the Eee Slate already announced and available this option seems very unlikely.

Narrowing down the alternatives then leaves three options. Either the Eee PC Sirocco is a netbook with retro Volkswagen coupe stylings (possibly paving the way for an Eee PC Bug), they’re releasing a dedicated automobile-based computer (“carputer”) device, or there is a new device in the offing from ASUS that features an unusual, wave-like exterior finish.

Naturally, we’ll have the full details as soon as ASUS come clean and stop teasing us with images of warm sand.

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