Samsung Internet@TV App Success

January 17, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you thought that apps were exclusively for your phones and tablets, think again – Samsung have announced that their Internet@TV App Store has reached 2 million downloads, just a few week after announcing 1 million downloads.

Samsung Internet@TV apps

When you think about it, a TV screen is an ideal place to find an app – rather than reach down the side of the sofa to find a tablet or mobile phone, perhaps a laptop, it’s so much easier to tap a button on your remote and login to Facebook or Twitter that way.

However these two popular apps are just the tip of the iceberg for Samsung TV users.

With one of their current range of internet-connected LCD TVs, Samsung owners can take advantage of movie rentals via Amazon, bid on eBay, watch clips on YouTube or browse their photos on FlickR. Skype is also available, while in the UK the BBC iPlayer catchup TV on demand service can be viewed.

Naturally a broadband internet connection is required to take advantage of this service and with Samsung promoting the remarkable figure 1 million downloads since last month it won’t be long before other TV manufacturers are releasing their own apps.

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