PlayBook Won’t Damage Smartphones, Says RIM

January 17, 2011, By Christian Cawley

BlackBerry don’t produce any netbooks or notebook computers – only an aging range of smartphones and the very snazzy BlackBerry PlayBook, due out this year.

So the words of Norm Lo, Research In Motions Asia Pacific Vice President, should come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever.

RIM hope that the BlackBerry PlayBook won't hurt their smartphones market

As far as Norm is concerned, RIM tablets won’t hurt sales of BlackBerry smartphones – but there might be a negative effect on sales of netbooks and other portable computers.

It’s easy to see why they might think this, and presumably a lot of money has gone into some market research before designing the rather splendid looking BlackBerry PlayBook. But ultimately the tablet is occupying  unusual middle-ground, one which sees it acting as an oversized mobile phone one minute before transforming itself into a keyboard-less netbook.

While news that the 3G-less devices can use a tethered BlackBerry in order to take advantage of mobile internet has been welcomed, the thinking at RIM that BlackBerry phone sales won’t go down is either woolly or they have a trick up their sleeve, such as promoting the Wi-Fi only BlackBerry PlayBook model over the 4G model in order to prompt would be customers to sign-up for a new BlackBerry phone…

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