Closest Windows Phone 7 Figures Yet?

January 17, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Microsoft has been very cagey about the true sales figures of their new mobile platform since the launch of Windows Phone 7 in October and November 2010.

1.5 Million Windows Phone 7 devices sold

In a recent interview with USA Today, however, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed what is likely to be the only figure anyone is going to hear about for some time – that 1.5 million handsets were sold to carriers.

That’s obviously a considerable amount, but with a range of different handsets (each sharing a minimum spec) from manufacturers such as HTC, Dell, LG and Samsung some real sales figures based on handsets that are in the hands of users would come in handy round about now just so we can judge exactly how well received the platform is.

Ballmer is obviously very proud of Windows Phone 7, describing the handsets as “the best-looking phones on the market”, and he’s probably right, with a user interface that is considerably faster and more efficient than any other. Remarkably for the man who once oversaw many “buy outs” by Microsoft as the company extended its Monopoly in the 1990s, Steve Ballmer has also turned down the opportunity to buy Research in Motion in favour of Microsoft developing Windows Phone 7 as a quality product to sit alongside Xbox 360 and Kinnect.

Let’s hope he can be proud of the sales figures when they’re eventually revealed.

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