Call of Duty: First Strike Map Pack Trailer

January 17, 2011, By Christian Davis

The first installment of Downloadable Content for the ever popular Call of Duty: Black Ops is only two weeks away.  Title “First Strike,” the new DLC will come with four new multiplayer maps wiht some surprising environmental traps along with a new zombie map called Ascension.

Kowloon, Discovery, Stadium, and Berlin Wall are the four maps shown in the video. Unfortunately, there’s no new zombie map footage, but the environmental abilities are good for now and are a nice treat. Kowloon, Berlin Wall and Discovery are the maps that need to have players worrying about more than just the opposing team.

Berlin Wall has a lane down the center of the map that Treyarch is calling “no mans land.” Running through this section is quicker, but is heavily guarded with a tower that has auto turrets. Kowloon is based off the single player level and rebuilt for a better multiplayer experience. Kowloon has ziplines available for players to use. It’s the only level with them and can help you traverse the map significantly quicker. You will be exposed to gunfire how ever so you have to be wise.

The last map is Discovery. The icy snow covered military base separated in half by a deep chasm. In the middle of the chasm there’s a bridge that players can cross, however, if someone threw a grenade on that bridge or shot an explosive tipped crossbow while you were crossing, that bridge will collapse.

The First Strike Map Pack is set to release on February 1st for 1200 Microsoft Points. Check out the trailer below.

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