AT&T Dumps Nokia X7; No Valentine’s Eve Release!

January 17, 2011, By Leo Xavier

All you Nokia fans out there who have been waiting for Valentine’s Eve to dawn so that you could lay your hands on the Nokia X7, a.k.a. Nokia Journey,  on AT&T, can now curse your stars. For, the Nokia smart phone has been taken off the shelves by the carrier.

AT&T was supposed to launch the phone on February 13; just a day before the Mobile World Congress opens in Barcelona. For AT&T, it would have been their first Symbian^3 handset. Not any more!

Accessory manufacturers were too expecting the launch and had been gearing up to provide accessories for the phone.

Nokia, who produces only GSM handsets, had been nurturing dreams of cracking the American market. The hopes have now just gone for a toss, to say the least. Nokia had also been absent from any US carrier’s smart phone offering for a long time now.

The NX7 has been made  to focus more on gaming and comes incorporating 2 stereo speakers for better audio. It also features a large 4 inch touch screen (AMOLED) with a resolution of 640×360.

The NX7’s processing power has been touted as equal to that of the earlier N8, and also comes possessing an 8 mega pixel camera with dual flash, Nokia Clear BlackDisplay, 256MB RAM and up to 32GB microSD support.

The phone was also expected to be launched with Quickoffice document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), Adobe Reader, Flash Lite 4.0, Digital compass etc.

Now that AT&T has different plans altogether, we are just looking at what will Nokia decide on to keep the NX7 afloat in the minds of customers. Stay tuned.

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