Apple CDMA iPhone Looks Beyond America; Asian Nations China, Japan, India & S Korea Too Will Get it

January 14, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been subjected to loads of information dumped on us with regard to the  CDMA iPhone from the Apple-Verizon stables for quite a while a now. Every time we hear about the device, it seems like some new details just wait to arrive next.

The latest on this front is that the CDMA iPhone, built by Apple in partnership with Verizon, will look beyond the American markets. As many as four Asian markets – India, China, Japan and South Korea – are expected to get the device too.

The CDMA iPhone that will get its design and specs courtesy of a partnership Apple has entered into with Foxconn and Pegatron Technologies, will thereby head for the US as well as the Asian region. While Foxconn shipments will reach American shores, those from Pegatron will go to China and the other Asian markets.

Though a DigiTimes report, which details how the CDMA iPhone will contribute to Foxconn and Pegatron sales this year, doesn’t talk about an India itinerary for the CDMA iPhone, it is believed that Apple had some time last year initiated parleys with the Indian CDMA carrier companies such as Reliance and Tata. That could indeed mean the CDMA iPhone would also go to India.

One aspect that could delay the India jaunt could be the less than exciting response the earlier iPhone models had seen when they came into India. Let’s wait to know what’s new on the CDMA iPhone front.

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