Samsung GT-i9023 Visits FCC; Is this the Upcoming Nexus S Variant?

January 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are we ready for the new Nexus S? If we aren’t yet,  we ought to be soon. For, details about a new device that hint at the possible arrival of an upcoming variant of the Nexus S have trickled down from the FCC domain. From what we get to see, a possible Samsung phone sporting model number GT-i9023 has visited FCC. The device, is said to have AWS 3G capabilities and could be heading for T-Mobile soon.

Don’t be excited yet, as a confirmation as to the device is indeed a Nexus S variant hasn’t come about till the moment we are writing this. We are, however, tempted to believe that this is a variant of the Nexus S, as the outline of the device looks very familiar. The model number seems similar to the GT-i9020 of the Nexus S, doesn’t it?

What makes us speculate that the device is what we think has to do with something we found on a German site a while ago. A “leaked” video of a Nexus S has been found posted, and interestingly the claim was that the device runs Android 2.4. The ‘i9023’ mention was also there. (Watch video below).

Going by the FCC filing, the i9023 has been given Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG certification. There are also bits of info that make us think about the device as the upcoming Nexus S. A handful of European sellers have already listed i9023 under the ‘Black Silver’ Nexus S name.

We know these bits and pieces of info don’t lead us to a conformation. But then, going by gut feeling we have to say the device that has just gone through the gates of FCC is indeed a Nexus S variant that will soon arrive on T-Mobile. What do you think?

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