Samsung Galaxy Tab on Sprint to Sell for Less: Leak Makes Us Ponder Over It!

January 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This could come as exciting news for those who have been eying the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but fell short of the required dollars. Carrier Sprint, which had a couple of months ago launched the Samsung tablet with much fanfare, is now gearing up for a snip in pricing of the device. The info comes courtesy of a leak, but we have reasons to believe that Samsung’s Android device could see a fairly good drop in price.

The leak makes us wonder why Sprint is going in for a price reduction, even as the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the only device it has outed since last November.

From what we know, the new price could be $299 with a two-year lock in and $499 if it is free of contract.  Okay, we know all you Sprint users will welcome the price cut with a smile. But as we said earlier, we are trying to find out why the price cut is happening at all!

There are three aspects that come to the fore as we ponder over this.  One could be the number of tablets that arrived on the CES 2011 venue at Las Vegas recently. With so many tablet devices making their entry, it could only be natural that Sprint thought of pulling down the price of the Galaxy Tab that it has been selling since November 14th.

Another reason could be that the cut in price could be a precursor to the WiFi only model that is gearing up for release. That may not be so strong a reason, but then, we are not ignoring a possibility there.

Yet another reason that runs into our mind is that Google will soon be making the Honeycomb OS available. And, when that arrives, there are chances that the Samsung Galaxy Tab could become a thing of the past. May be that is why a price cut is being ushered in, so as to lure at least a few more customers before it turns obsolete.

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