Marvel vs Capcom 3 Punishes Rage Quitters

January 13, 2011, By Christian Davis

If you’ve played Marvel vs Capcom 2 online and happened to have a pretty good game, you’ve probably noticed that the game will end abruptly because the other player has quit. It stinks and isn’t fun to play with these people. Like the people at Bungie, Capcom is looking to punish rage quitters by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 supposedly tracks players who habitually quit out of games early. Those players will be put in their own separate bracket filled with other rage quitters.

Genius idea.

That way the only possible way to avoid this is to stop quitting. If you’re going to lose, quitting won’t make you better so why do it? It’s great to see developers are doing something about the epidemic that is known as the rage quitter.

Bungie punishes gamers by not allowing players to play for 10 minutes in Halo: Reach and now Capcom is putting all the poor sports in their own bracket. All developers should follow in their footsteps.

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