How to Use Windows 7 Help and Support

January 13, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There are many resources available online that can help you with any problems you run into using Windows and the various applications that you might have installed.

But what do you do when there is no internet connection available?

The solution under these circumstances is to use the built-in Windows Help and Support feature, which includes steps for using the myriad tools included in Windows.

Access to Help is available in any application via the F1 button which will then launch the standard Windows 7 Help screen with information and options pertaining to the application you are currently using.

This can even be done from the Windows 7 desktop – simply tapping F1 will display the Windows Help and Support box which you can use to search for answers to problems you might be having.

How to use Windows 7 Help and Support

Using Windows 7 Help

Getting the most out of Windows 7 Help and Support means using the search tools – and as a result this means asking the right question.

For instance you might want to know how to add a new font. Searching the help system for the word “font” will return a list of the Best 30 results, but these might not necessarily be relevant to what you are trying to do. Therefore you should search for “add a new font” to return results that are going to help you.

The top result for this search term is Install or delete fonts. Clicking this entry displays an overview of the subject, as well as providing links to other useful articles, in this case Fonts: frequently asked questions and Change your font settings.

You will then be presented with a series of steps that have been shrunk into a bulleted section heading. In the case of adding a new font, you will see To install a font and To delete a font. Each of these can be clicked to expand the steps that are required. You can also use the Show all/Hide all option in the upper-right of the window to expand all of the steps on that page.

Other Ways to Use Windows 7 Help and Support

The main other way of using Windows 7 Help and Support is to take advantage of the Browse feature, accessed via the book icon in the toolbar. This provides you with a view of the help contents, split up into various categories, and is a useful alternative to search.

Note that via the toolbar you can also click a Home button to reset search, Print the current search page and via the Options menu alter the Text Size of the help articles and use the Find (on this page)… tool to look for a specific word in the help article you are viewing.

You don’t have to use Windows Help and Support while your PC is offline – using the Offline Help drop-down menu in the lower right corner you can switch between Online Help and Offline Help, while the Help Settings box will allow you to integrate online Help into your search results.

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