Have a Conversation with Google Translate

January 13, 2011, By Christian Cawley

A hot new Google Translate app has been released, with a pretty nifty new feature. While the app still does all of the expected text translation between multiple languages, Android 2.1 and later users have the advantage of much more powerful translation evocative of a sci-fi movie.

Google Translate Conversation Mode

Remarkably, we’re almost at the stage of real-time, synchronous translation: with the function known as Conversation Mode, Google Translate users can utter phrases into their Android phones and tablets for the device to then immediately translate and repeat the phrase in the target language! The app utilizes an advanced dictionary database as well as state of the art speech and speech recognition software and most remarkable of all, it’s free and available in the Android Market now.

This will clearly prove extremely useful for travellers visiting countries where their language skills are slightly below par. Most Europeans, for instance, can speak English with smatterings of French and German, but often Spanish, Italian, Portguese and Greek remain tricky, and oriental languages are rarely studied.

The initial language in Google Translate’s Conversation Mode is Spanish, so if you’re heading to Spain or Mexico you should be in luck. Naturally other languages are expected, and don’t be surprised to find Google Translate offering synchronous translations via Bluetooth headsets within the next few years.

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