Google Places App with Hotpot Comes to iOS Devices Too; Get It Now!

January 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

All of you out there who have been playing with your Android 1.6 or higher versions will be familiar with the Google Places app. The app with Hotpot has been letting you search and find retail and service locations in close proximity and we know you had made the app immensely popular by constantly putting it to use. Now, Google has brought the app to iOS devices too.

An announcement by Google says that the popular Places app is now available for iOS and is already been made available at the App Store. It is initially being rolled out in English.

All you need to do is log on to from your desktop and then go about exploring places and rate them.

You can add friends and that will help your results garnished with reviews from around the web.

You can look for places, recommend them as per your taste and also match them with your friends’ tastes too.

So, all those iPhone users can now get the maximum out of the Google Places app with Hotpot.

Google has expanded the app to iOS devices following realization that users accord much importance to finding places while on travel.

Places with Hotpot has been designed not just to give you a list of places you want to know about – the app brings to your palm the best ones suited to your tastes too.

If you have decided to get the places app on your iPhone, you can do that now by searching for Google Places in the App Store. Find it here.

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