GeeTeeDee Task Manager Explained

January 13, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Do you have problems with managing your time? A long list of things to do and a seeming inability to fit them in, despite having plenty of time in which to do them? Personally speaking I use a pen and paper, and this gets me through the day, allowing me to mark off achievements as I go.

Managing to-do lists can be particularly difficult if you’re not much of a list maker, but thankfully there are various applications to help with this problem. One such Windows 7 app is GeeTeeDee, a tool that makes creating and managing lists of tasks straightforward and simple.

Using the GeeTeeDee task manager app for Windows

Download GeeTeeDee Free

This very useful and free time management tool can be downloaded from The installer file is just 4.1MB and features nothing more than some shortcut options – there are no frustrating toolbars or other additional “features” to worry about.

Upon launching GeeTeeDee you will an empty inbox, ready and waiting for you to add a task group or a new item. The clean user interface should make it pretty clear how to use the application – basically all you need to do is add a task and mark it complete when done.

Adding Tasks to GeeTeeDee

A new task can be added to GeeTeeDee by clicking the New button. This will display the fields Task name, Notes and Due date, and for the most effective task management all of these fields should be completed. For instance you should use a descriptive title for the Task name and add any useful information in the Notes section. Note that there is no traditional Windows calendar-style adjustment for the Due date – you just enter a short date format string.

Once your task has been completed, click another part of the GeeTeeDee window and it will be saved. You can use the Edit button to return to the task and make changes, or check the small box to the left of your task to mark it as complete (this can be undone if accidentally checked). Tasks that have been completed will remain in the inbox view, but can be discarded with the Cleanup button; old tasks can be found listed in the Completed folder.

Creating Task Groups in GeeTeeDee

Having a single, basic inbox is only one way of using GeeTeeDee – you might opt instead to take advantage of the various groups that can be added to organize your work more effectively.

Groups can be added by right-clicking the blue sidebar (which can be toggled on and off with the Compact button) and selecting Add Group. Here you can select an icon and enter a Group name; some icons have a default name, but you can overtype this in order to customize the group for your needs.

New tasks can then be created in your new group, but if you accidentally create them in another group or simply have a task you want to assign to a new group, just left-click and drag the task into a new group.

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