Apple Next-Gen iPad & iPhone to Have No Home Button

January 13, 2011, By Leo Xavier

Latest info is suggesting that Apple might remove the Home button from the front of the iPad and maybe even from the iPhone. Employees at Apple are already said to be testing the iPads and iPhones that are not equipped with the Home button.

The change may occur within this year itself. And it appears that iPhoto and more iLife apps will be arriving on the iPad.

As you might know, the earlier released iOS 4.3 beta 1 brought several new 4 and 5-finger multitouch actions to the iPad.

If Apple relies on some multitouch gestures to take their users back to “home” then the element of simplicity will be absent. The “one button that always takes you Home” approach is part of the whole simplicity thing that iOS and the company strive for. How users will react to this new plan has to be seen.

But it is not surprising that Apple would want to eliminate the single button that is there, since the iPhones and the iPad have always had only one physical button, and have never come with a physical keyboard of any kind.

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