Apple iPad 2 Camera Confirmed with Release of Latest iOS SDK

January 13, 2011, By Leo Xavier

It appears that Apple will not step down that easily from the topmost position in the tablet market. The latest information is pointing towards the possibility that the company’s next-generation iPad will come equipped with a camera. Check out the image that is proof on the matter.

The year 2011 will be exciting when it comes to the tablet war. As you already know, most of the iPad rivals have been unveiled. And, if Apple has to stay on top, the next generation iPad will have to come equipped with a lot of awesome features than the current iPad.

If we just take the Xoom tablet, it is a bit better than the iPad when it comes to the display size, processor, RAM and cameras.

Now, Apple had just released the latest SDK for its iOS operating system. It includes camera graphics and shutter images specifically designed for the iPad, which suggests that the iPad would come with a camera.

When the SDK was opened up by 9to5mac, they had found four images, icons and screens that are exact copies of the iPhone images but are designed to display on the iPad screen which has a higher resolution.

When the camera shutter images are opened, the size is 1024 x 768, which is the same resolution as the current iPad. It is not known whether this means that the next-gen iPad will not come with a higher resolution screen.

But you have to know that the SDK is still in beta, and could be subject to change. We will let you know as soon as more secrets are revealed. For now, just believe that the device will have a camera.

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