White iPhone 4 Pictured on Verizon Website; Pulled Without Delay!

January 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know you have been bombarded with news of the white iPhone 4 till some time ago. For some reason, leaks seemed like not so forthcoming as they used to be. All of a sudden, may be courtesy of a slip from the carrier, a white iPhone 4 was pictured on the Verizon site. But then don’t rejoice yet, the picture has been  pulled from the site already.

When the picture of the white iPhone 4 surfaced on the Verizon site, we began thinking about a possible launch very soon.  Though we can’t now see the white iPhone 4 picture where it was featured when we first saw that, it seems like a dig through the Verizon site could take you to an option which proclaims “Capacity and Color configuration’.

No, we are not saying you can find the white iPhone 4 there, but it gives us an inkling that we might actually get to see the white iPhone 4 before the next-generation iPhone arrives in our midst.

Hope you remember, we had some time ago told you about a few leaked images of the white iPhone 4. From what we had seen then, the pictures had hinted at a white iPhone 4 that could give SIM a miss. For, there was no slot shown in the picture for a SIM card.

We all know Verizon doesn’t use SIMs and so the Verizon white iPhone talk was supposedly true. It is headed for Verizon of course, we don’t doubt that at all. We are so sure about that because the pictures we saw earlier had ‘Verizon’ written on the top corner of the screen in blue letters.

Now don’t be over excited by all these, we are tempted to say. There were at least a handful of experts who had suspected the Verizon white iPhone 4 picture to be a photoshopped job!

We guess we should request you to wait till we get you something more from some one authorized to speak on the upcoming device. Stay tuned.

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