T-Mobile’s Data U-Turn

January 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

After their remarkable announcement on Tuesday, T-Mobile have decided that the new 500MB monthly data use cap will apply only to new customers and future upgraders.

T-Mobile backtrack on data use cut

This news comes in the face of an increasingly angry group of customers who were apparently jamming the T-Mobile customer service lines demanding PAC codes in order to migrate to O2.

In this age of faceless consumerism, T-Mobile had long-since been a company which seemed to be in-tune with its customers. The once-popular mobile network – one that traditionally had the best attitude to data usage and was therefore the number one choice for Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry users (iPhones being restricted to Vodafone and O2) who could take advantage of the networks generous data use plan and modern attitude to mobile use. Most likely to blame will be online gaming, services like the Android Market and TV catchup service BBC iPlayer.

Clearly something of a Luddite revolution has taken place following the network merger with Orange, whose “cute animal” tariffs are more than likely the real reason why the legion of disgruntled T-Mobile users were threatening to walk from the network, citing a breach of contract.

So if you’re already on T-Mobile and in a contract the change in data use doesn’t apply to you. If you’re thinking of joining T-Mobile, you’re likely to have a much lower data usage cap than expected.

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