Sprint’s Exclusive Windows Phone 7

January 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Just when you thought HTC were done with releasing Windows Phone 7 handsets, a new one is set to arrive exclusively on US network Sprint in the next few months.

A HTC HD7 Pro device exclusive to Sprint

The existence of this phone isn’t news, as it has been rumoured for a while. However images of the device have been hard to come by until this week, when a pre-production phone was snapped in use.

Initially described as the HTC HD7 Pro, you can certainly tell from this image that the phone has the same stylings as the original, with only the “pro” slideout keyboard giving away the fact that this handset is a bit different. HTC have years of experience in producing quality phones with slideout keyboards, however, and the way the display tilts once the keyboard is extended on Sprint’s exclusive Windows Phone 7 is evocative of the Touch Pro 2.

So – it’s effectively a HTC HD7 with a slideout keyboard that is available exclusively to Sprint. While little else is know about the device (name, price, availability) it’s pretty safe to say that it will be equipped with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and probably 16GB of storage.

It should also be available after the Windows Phone 7 update, which will mean that copy and paste will be included!

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