SPB Release Android Migration Tool

January 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Designed for users migrating from Symbian and Windows Mobile, the SPB Migration Tool has been launched with the intention of aiding new Android users with the at times fraught task of migrating contacts and other data from one platform to another.

SPB Migrate to Android tool

Of course any mobile platform that has Google apps available already can easily manage the syncing of this data from one platform, up to the could and back down onto a new handset, so SPB have widened the net somewhat, and in the $9.95 tool – available on the Android Market – they offer the migration of:

– text messages
– contacts
– call history
– bookmarks

It’s not a bad deal either. In addition to the migration of much needed mobile data, SPB provide to means of migrating data to the target Android 2.1 platform. With a choice of migration from the storage card making things neat, tidy and secure likely to be the most popular option, the Russian mobile software house also offer a registration-free cloud migration solution which encrypts data and removes it after 12 hours.

Available now, head over to www.migratetoandroid.com to start the migration process!

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