PSP Phone vs PSP 2

January 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

According to rumours, the Sony PlayStation Portable 2 will be unveiled at a press event in Tokyo on January 27th, 2011.

Which is it - a PlayStation Portable 2, a PlayStation Phone... or both?

Seen as a hardcore gamer alternative to the Nintendo 3DS, the PSP 2 is likely to offer much deeper games than the Nintendo 3DS, not to mention a link up to the PlayStation Network.

But hang on: this raises an interesting question – exactly where does the PlayStation Phone fit in? Is the PlayStation Phone the same device as the PlayStation 2, or are Sony opening up two fronts with two separate devices?

A standard battle between two out and out handheld consoles is par for the course, but it might just be that Sony are pitting a single device against not just the Nintendo 3DS but also iPhone, Windows Phone 7/Xbox LIVE integration and the other mobile phone gaming platforms.

Traditional mobile games of the type found on iPhone are not considered to possess the depth that PlayStation Portable 2 owner might require, which therefore suggests that there are two devices coming. However this has the potential for splitting the potential customer base.

We’ll know for sure on January 27th!

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