Nintendo 3DS Gets Broken Down, Leaked Pictures Reveal More

January 12, 2011, By Leo Xavier

With the Nintendo 3DS launch nearing, pictures of one of the leaked 3DS being dismantled by curious geeks have been spotted online.

As you might know, when the 3DS arrives, it will provide gamers with a full 3D experience without wearing glasses, which is first of a kind in the gaming industry. Nintendo had also recently announced a list of upcoming games for the new gaming console.

A few days ago, we had seen the leaked images of the upcoming 3DS. The newly leaked images, which come to us courtesy of Tvgzone, will not reveal much to thrill you. But you can hit the source link if you want to check out the silicon more closely.

Just to remind you, the Nintendo 3DS will come equipped with a 3.5 inch top screen and 3 inch bottom touch screen.

To produce the 3D effect and to take 3D pictures, it has 3 cameras (one inner and two outer). It also has a motion sensor, gyro sensor and a slide pad for 360 degree analog input, and it also comes with a 1300mAh battery.

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