Motorola Alpha Screen Shots Surface; Is this the Cliq 2?

January 12, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever wonder why companies go the extra mile to churn out different names for a particular device and then dump these names for a new one right in time for launch? We are a bit confused, but we don’t approve ourselves for being so. Please don’t get us wrong, we are forced to ruminate on such thoughts thanks to a set of screen shots that just fell on our lap.

The pictures are of a Motorola device, and the name that jumps out of the screen shots goes by the Alpha nomenclature. We are okay with Motorola calling the device that has leaked in the form of screen shots by the Alpha name. But then hold on, doesn’t that look like the Cliq 2 we were exposed to a few days ago? If you aren’t still sure, read on.

If at all the Alpha is not the Cliq 2, we have reasons to believe that the phones could be of similar make and could come with a similar price tag. But then , for some reason, we are forced to think the Motorola Alpha featured in the images found in the wild is the same as the Cliq 2. May be Motorola is trying out new code names.

Now why should Moto go after so many names, you tend to think. We say this because we know Cliq 2 was once code named Begonia. Now Motorola must have come across a better name and so the Cliq 2 must have turned Alpha overnight!!

Whatever be the name, we hope the device comes fast. TMO News, who came across the screen shots, says that the phone is likely to be a device running a dual core processor and  12 megapixel camera . Speculation on pricing brings us to $399.99 off contract. We think we will now wait for a launch date.

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