Keep Your Windows 7 Setup Packages Up-to-date

January 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re responsible for multiple PCs or laptops it is a good idea to ensure that they all have a regular schedule configured for Windows Update to check for hotfixes and new drivers just as it is important to have them regularly checked for viruses and malware.

One thing that is harder to check is whether or not the software you have installed on your PC or laptop is the latest version. For instance, you might have downloaded a copy of Adobe Reader 3 years ago and still use that same setup package rather than visiting the Adobe website and downloading the most recent version.

This is understandable. Given the number of applications you might have installed, browsing through them all to find new versions could prove time-consuming. What you need is a piece of software like Ketarin, a free Windows 7 application that checks for updated installer packages (so that you might save them to disk or a central repository) and can even download and install them.

Keep Windows installer packages up to date with Ketarin

Download Ketarin and Stay Up-to-date

To take advantage of this free utility, visit to download your copy. This downloads as a ZIP file which you will need to extract before running the tool; no installation is necessary.

With Ketarin up and running, you’re ready to start adding software download URLs to its index. This will enable the software to find new version of application package installers and download them to a specific location on your PC.

Get started using Ketarin by running the software and selecting Add a new application. In the dialogue box enter an Application name and specify a Category for the software before adding a URL. If you’re adding an application that always has the same download URL, this process is made more effective.

Under Download location choose to either Save to file (with which you can specify a custom filename) or Save in folder for keeping the downloaded package installer in a folder of your choice.

All you then need to do is click on OK and the information is stored in Ketarin!

Ketarin and FileHippo

Rather than entering a URL, you can stay on top of downloads from a particular website by entering the download’s site-specific ID. is a popular online repository for useful utilities and Ketarin has been designed to take advantage of the vase library of software available there. To do this, run Ketarin and select Add a new application. Once again, add an Application name and select or enter a Category for the application you will be adding.

Next, rather than pasting or typing a download URL, select the FileHippo ID radio button and enter the download ID for that piece of software from the website (this is easily established – every file is formatted:, where utilityname will be the FileHippo ID).

With this input, Ketarin will now be able to check the website whenever the Update All button is pressed!

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