Halo Goes Mobile!

January 12, 2011, By Christian Cawley

How many times have you missed appointments, nights out and even dates because you were enjoying a game of Halo just that little bit too much?

Halo - coming to Windows Phone 7?

Well, a quick look into the future (or the Bungie recruitment ads) will reveal that the Halo developers are looking to hire a senior mobile application programmer!

Whether this means that Halo will be making a move to the mobile world or the company have a whole new concept in mind for mobile gaming remains to be seen, but whatever happens the end product is likely to have all of the hallmarks and ceremony of a full Halo game release.

After all, it makes considerable sense when you consider that the two most popular consoles for hardcore gamers have (or soon will) a mobile link-up. Windows Phone 7 already enables players to improve their Xbox LIVE Gamerscore while on location (with more features hinted at in future) while the once-mythical-but-now-real PlayStation Phone is expected to this and more for PS3 owners.

Hopefully Halo mobile will be as revolutionary as the original and bring a whole new meaning to mobile gaming…

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