T-Mobile Cut Data Allowance

January 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

British T-Mobile contract users will be disappointed to learn that the network – newly merged with Orange – is slashing data allowance plans.

T-Mobile contract holders in the UK (the change doesn’t seem to affect pay as you go users) have been receiving SMS messages today informing them of the impending change to their Terms and Conditions.

T-Mobile cut data allowance in UKAnyone who signed up to get as much as 3GB of data per month (under a “fair use” policy) will find that the allowance has been drastically cut to as little as 500MB. T-Mobile are also covering themselves by referring to clause 7.1.2 of the T&Cs that their customers have agreed to, which pretty much gives the network carte blanche to make these sorts of changes whenever they like as long as 30 days notice is given.

Such tariffs are popular with Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile/Windows Phone users on T-Mobile, whose devices enable them to send and receive email, browse the web, play games and enjoy streaming video from services such as BBC iPlayer. Cutting back to 500GB is likely to have quite a big effect, leaving many users locked into a contract that they can no longer use.

So much for “fair use”!

However there may be light at the end of the tunnel for anyone disgruntled with this change: T-Mobile’s SMS announcement to its customers specifies February 1st as the date the fair use policy is reduced – less than the contracted 30 days.

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