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January 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the biggest changes in how we listen to music has occurred with the development of the World Wide Web and increases in bandwidth. While it might be easy to download MP3 files (legally or illegally) we have started using computers as personal entertainment centres to such an extent that they are either replacing or becoming part of the traditional home music centre setup.

Increases in bandwidth have allowed streaming services to pipe music directly to our homes. While traditional radio stations are thriving following their move to the web there are more and more services designed to deliver music that is suited to the listener.

While it might be easy to switch on your favourite local or national radio station, sooner or later they’re going to play a tune you don’t like. However with online personal radio services such as, this is unlikely to happen – and if it does, you can skip to the next track!

Several popular personal radio services are available, all of which provide streamed music direct to your PC (or mobile phone) for no charge.

Spotify, online radio app for Windows 7

We7 was founded by former Genesis lead singer Peter Gabriel and intelligently selects suitable music for you based on an initial selection that you input. For instance if I visit and entered “iron maiden” as a group I like, We7 will choose similar acts, such as Metallica or Judas Priest.

This enables the service to deliver fresh music to the listener, while generating revenue from the £4.99 monthly subscription or adverts that appear before each track. In addition, signed up users can create a personal library, share favourite tunes and playlists and enjoy a library of 6.5 million tunes!

While not as famous as or Pandora, We7 is still a popular choice and iPhone, Android and

Providing personalised music choices to its users in a similar manner to, provides a free account with which you can easily generate a “radio station” based around a single song or artist choice that you submit. takes the idea used by We7 further, offering multiple radio stations and also taking notice of the tracks you skip or “unlike”.

With ad-free tunes, instead generates revenue via webpage adverts and affiliate relationships with Amazon and iTunes, allowing users to buy albums by the artists they are listening to.

Note that you must first signup to use


Unavailable to users outside the USA, Pandora is a marvellous system that pretty much blazed a trail for the other services listed here. If you’re in the USA then you should take advantage of the service which delivers free music to your computer with the odd advert thrown in. Music by the artists that you’re listening can also be purchased, but it is Pandora’s unique user interface that makes the biggest impression, making it very easy to discard tunes that you don’t want to hear again and add tunes that might take your library in a new direction.

Find out more at!


A little different to the other internet radio players, Spotify provides a desktop client for you to download in order to enjoy the service.

By providing this interface, Spotify offers a more holistic experience that allows the user to create and share playlists, provide music while you’re working offline, purchase tracks and albums you hear via the service, display biographies of the artists you’re enjoying and even provide a comprehensive search tool.

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