How to Send an Email with Windows Live Mail

January 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Windows Live Mail is a popular free email client available as part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 pack for Windows 7.

Featuring a calendar, contacts index, RSS feed management and access to newsgroups, Windows Live Mail naturally also features the ability to compose, send, receive and reply to and forward email messages.

Windows Live Mail is the modern equivalent of Microsoft Outlook Express, and in appearance it is similar to the Microsoft Outlook office application.

As a free email client, Windows Live Mail’s immediate competitor is Mozilla Thunderbird, and compared to that solution it is probably just as easy to use, if not more so. Once an account is setup, sending your first email message can be achieved in seconds.

How to send an email with Windows Live Mail

Creating an Email Message in Windows Live Mail

By accessing the Home tab in Windows Live Mail you can access the New tools. The main button here is the one to create a new Email message, a command that can also be performed while in the Mail view by pressing CTRL + N.

With a New Message window open, you will need to begin by entering an email address for your intended recipient. Click the To… button to display your contacts list and double click the one you want to email or manually enter the intended email address. When you have done this, enter a Subject. Note that if you have multiple accounts setup in Windows Live Mail you will need to use the From drop-down menu to select the correct account to send from.

The next step is to type a few words, the body of the email, which you can do by left-clicking the main area of the email window. Note that on the Message tab you can use Paste and other Clipboard tools, change the way your message looks with the Font and Paragraph tools and even Insert attachments, additional Contacts and use Editing tools to check your spelling.

When you are ready to send your email, click the Send button – however you might have a need to do something a little different, so before proceeding, click Save.

Inserting Attachments and Images

Windows Live Mail provides a vast selection of tools that allow you to use your free email client almost as effectively as you might use the expensive Microsoft Outlook software.

One of the key features of this software is that it should surpass the experience of using Hotmail in your browser, and by adding the Insert tools it certainly does this. If you’re creating a new message you can use the Insert tab to Attach files, add a Signature (which can be setup via the main Windows Live Mail menu > Options > Mail > Signatures) or even insert a Horizontal line.

In addition you can forward your Business card to the recipient and add links and Emoticons. There is also the facility to include a Single photo from your PC or a Photo album from your Windows Live SkyDrive cloud storage.

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