Ford Focus All-Electric Vehicle Unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show

January 11, 2011, By Leo Xavier

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit just keeps getting better and better. You might have gone through all the other reports that we had churned out today about the unveiling of their latest products by all the big names in the motor world. Now, Ford has unveiled its new vehicle, an all-electric Ford Focus.

You must be familiar with the name Ford Focus. The combustion engine versions of the vehicle made it the UK’s third best-selling car last year, with over 77,000 new cars registered. That is why all the people who witnessed the ceremony thought that it was a very high-profile event.

As you might know, electric cars are not very new. But, a five-door family car that is having a top speed of 84mph is very interesting.

In terms of range and performance, the Focus is similar to the Nissan Leaf electric car. However, the new electric Focus has a lot of other features that might catch the minds of more than a few car lovers.

The Ford Focus can travel 100 miles on a single charge, and it will take about 3-4 hours to recharge the battery from a 240V socket. The charging point, which is surrounded by a blue-illuminated ring that shows the current charge level, is on its front left wing. The Focus comes with a 23kwh lithium ion battery, but it takes up a large chunk of the boot.

The car also comes equipped with a capacitive touch screen display that is called MyFord Touch.

The in-car interface, which comes from the company’s collaboration with Microsoft, lets you control the charging and check the battery level, and will also let you control more traditional functions such as GPS and air-con.

And you will be happy to know that the MyFord Mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones will be released just before the release of the new vehicle. The new apps will let you find charging points, and will also allow you to check up on your car’s charging status from your phones, or any internet connection.

And the integration of the Pandora internet radio will let you stream internet radio from a smartphone via Bluetooth to the car’s stereo system.

The company has announced that the Focus is part of a three-vehicle strategy, all based on the same basic chassis and technology. The other two cars include a traditional Hybrid (like the Prius) which charges its battery using a petrol engine, and the other is a Plug-in Hybrid that adds the capability to be charged from a wall socket.

(Alex Ion is at the NAIAS venue on an invitation by Ford and is floating through the Detroit venue among the sexy models (not the babes, silly). He is so impressed that he hasn’t found time to write about them. We are sure he will soon sit down and write about what he saw there. Look forward to some amazing images and videos too. Stay tuned!)

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