Android Tablet for Kids

January 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If your rugrats are regularly smearing jam, chocolate and goodness-knows what across the display of your HTC Desire HD, it might be worth investing in a child-centric Android tablet to make sure your offspring are tapping the right shapes at the right time.

The Android-powered Vinci touchscreen tablet for children

Enter the Rullingnet Vinci tablet, specced up to be a sort of ruggedised Samsung Galaxy. With a useful rubber framing that makes the device look like a 1960s studio mic and a spill-proof housing, the tablet will curiously come with a 3 megapixel camera on the back, so anyone hoping their child will be the next David Bailey had better start developing a suitable app.

Of course there is no reason why pre-schoolers shouldn’t have their own hardware. Instead of patronising children with iTech “laptops” that make Windows Mobile look like Mac OS X, devices like this might just be the future and get our kids as tech savvy as they need to be before heading off to school to learn about open field farming and other such useless nonsense.

Naturally in the interests of child safety, these tablets will be free from wireless and radio components, but the rubbery housing will keep the price around the $500 mark when it is released in Q2.

Meanwhile we hope that the microSD slot is hidden well away from little fingers – the same digits that in my experience can open piggy banks and pick locks on their parent’s vanity cases.

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