What Windows Phone Was Made For?

January 10, 2011, By Christian Cawley

So in your hand you’ve got a Windows Phone, a nice device which is to all intents and purposes “Windows Mobile 7”, and on your desk you’ve got a powerful Windows 7 PC or laptop, full of MP3s, family photos and video clips.

Windows in your hand, Windows on your desk – so surely there’s some way to control one with the other?

Windows Phone 7 Remote

Thanks to Adeneo Embedded and GoProd, there is! WinMote7 is Windows Phone 7 remote for Windows 7 media center PCs that allows the remote interaction with your home media collection. Fully integrated with the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI, the $2.99 app allows the user to access content stored on the media center via the phone, and using a server component and IP address the Windows Phone can be used to browse and launch a variety of media such as videos, music, internet radio and pictures stored on your Windows 7 hard drive.

And it makes sense, doesn’ t it? Why else would you spend $500 on a Windows Phone 7 handset that is around the same size as a remote control if you couldn’t actually use it as a remote?

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