Nintendo 3DS Takes Battery Hit

January 10, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Whenever you travel, are you the type of person who packs their Nintendo DS before towels, toothbrushes and pants? Does the drudgery of long haul travel mean an opportunity for some hardcore mobile gaming?

Nintendo 3DS Battery Life concerns

Well don’t look now, but portable console gaming  might be a thing of the past if the latest spec details from Nintendo are anything to go by – their new iteration of the DS is going to use twice the battery charge compared with some earlier models.

Improved graphics, sound and gameplay functions in the Nintendo 3DS game library will result in the battery charge dropping to 3-5 hours play or 5-8 hours for older DS titles. Putting this in context, a DSi XL will give you 13-17 hours play, while the original DS gives 10-14 hours. Nintendo seem to be paying more attention to the gaming experience of the new device and less on its environmental impact.

As all gamers will know, 3-5 hours is absolutely no time at all in most games, possibly making the new handheld Nintendo the last item you would want to pack for a long haul journey.

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