Motorola Xoom Tablet Now Available for Pre-Order at Handtec

January 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Motorola’s Xoom tablet, as you know, has succeeded big time in charming the CES 2011. Close on the heels of the announcement of the device, the Motorola tablet has now been made available on pre-order at Handtec.

Handtec has listed the Motorola Xoom for £659.99 (or £549.99 minus VAT).  The pricing factor speaks a lot, considering that the device has been attached with a tag akin to the original price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. That could well mean that the Xoom fits well in the price slot created by the Verizon Galaxy Tab.

If you would remember, the Motorola Xoom had been in the news when speculations suggested that the device would hit retail in February – around Valentine’s Day or so. The Handtec listing says the Xoom would arrive soon. May be Handtec’s “soon” is February too.

Touted as the CES 2011’s best gadget (Watch the CNet video below), the Motorola Xoom also has been dropping hints of a possible Honeycomb being incorporated in it. The device could be among the first to come sporting the Android 3.0 Honeycomb and could bring to the user Android offerings such as widgets, multi-tasking, browsing, notifications and customization and also the latest Google Mobile innovations.

The device, which comes with a dual core processor with each core running at 1 GHz, delivering up to two GHz of processing power, will also boast of a 10.1-inch widescreen HD screen and will have awesome HD content. (In case, you haven’t read about what all specs would make the tablet a must buy, we have it for you here)

We are heading for Handtec to place our pre-order. What are you waiting for?

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