Hardcore Fightsticks!

January 10, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Custom gaming gear is always bonus for anyone particularly keen on a certain game. PC users can splash out on game-specific keyboard and mouse combis, while console gamers get special controllers, like guitars, wands and something that looks like it was crowbarred off an arcade game cabinet.

Originally announced at PAC, the Special Edition Chun Li Fightsticks were intended to be the most limited collector’s edition aimed at Street Fighter fans, and with a production run of just 2000 units these controllers are ideal for for both collectors and players.

Streetfighter Limited Edition Fightstick controller

The Chun Li Fightstick is based on the Tournament Edition Round 2 S arcade stick, built with genuine Sanwa arcade parts and comes complete with lenticular artwork. It’s impressive stuff, with the only difference between PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions being the different coloured buttons and the Xbox Headset connector socket.

Clearly useless for playing Duke Nukem 3D on Xbox LIVE, these Fightsticks are designed primarily for Street Fighter, although it is fair to say that they could also be adopted for other similar fighting games.

If you’re still bewildered by the collectability of these devices, each of the 2000 is individually numbered and comes in a hardboard gate-fold presentation box.

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