Special Deals On the Way to Xbox Live

January 8, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

Activision and Electronic Arts are going to be promoting amazing deals throughout Xbox Live January 11-January 25. Xbox Live will also be having some special promotional items. A good way to start off the New Year is with some inexpensive Xbox Live.

From January11- January18 you can enjoy special one-time savings up to 50 percent on Activision content. From Xbox Live Arcade titles, DLC for Guitar Hero, Call of Duty map packs, and more. For more details check your Xbox 360 Dashboard on January 11.  Additionally on January 18-January 25 you can also get 50 percent off on a numerous amount of Electronic Arts content from XBLA games to much more.

Xbox Live will be free for a limited time January 28th at 5 P.M. through January 31 5 P.M. Silver Members should take advantage of this free 48 hour trial period to see what they’re really missing out on.

If you upgrade to an Xbox Live Gold Family Pack in the month of January you will recieve an additional month of Gold Family Pack (13 months in total), “Snoopy Flying Ace” and / or a Zune movie rental for free.

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January 6: New Year’s Resolution

January 6: Food Fest

January 6: Burton

January 13: Dinosaur Pets

January 13: Xbox 360 Gear

Xbox Live Arcade

January 5: “ilomilo” (SouthEnd Interactive/Microsoft Game Studios) – 800 Microsoft Points and available worldwide

January 12: “Zeit2™” (Ubisoft) – 800 Microsoft Points and available worldwide (except Korea and Japan)


The zombies are coming! Defend your house and protect your brains with an arsenal of home-guarding plants. Fight the fun-dead through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool and on the roof. Play seven lively game modes, including 2-player Versus and Co-Op. All for up to 33% off!

Week of January 10 – Zombies…Back from the Dead:

“Zombie Apocalypse” (KONAMI) – 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off) and available worldwide (except Germany, Japan, Korea, and South Africa)

“The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai” (Microsoft Game Studios) – 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off) and available worldwide (except Korea, Brazil, and South Africa)

Zombie Prop Avatar (Microsoft Game Studios) – 160 Microsoft Points (33 percent off) and available worldwide

Week of January 17:

“Plants vs. Zombies” (PopCap Games) – 800 Microsoft Points (33 percent off) and available worldwide (except Japan, India, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and Korea)

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