Sony VAIO L, Y, F 3D & 2011 Concept Notebooks Charm CES 2011 Attendees

January 8, 2011, By Aneej Jayan

Sony has been active at CES 2011 with a pair of new notebook concepts, as well as their existing line-up of notebooks. The tech giant has on show  a prototype of a 13-inch notebook powered with the so called ‘sheet’ battery. The company promises these batteries to deliver more endurance for the normal notebooks.

This prototype also features an innovative textured copper surface on the palmrest and bears an LCD bezel along with a glossy black outside. The company will also be making a safer all-black model available. It is expected to roll out in 2011 and will be powered by the latest Intel Core chips.

A 14-inch concept has also been  showcased, and this proposed model looks very similar to the CW or E series. It comes in with a translucent design and neon-colored plastic and the much more rounded front and back edges will help it to stand alone from most other notebooks. It is expected late during this year itself and the Intel Core chips are confirmed to be featured on board.

Among the other existing versions, VAIO L all-in-one seems to be the most unique and impressing one. The chrome stand and seamless glass front make it look versatile. The device has a quad Core i7 processor that boosts the operational speeds and also gets 8GB of RAM and dedicated NVIDIA graphics.

The most interesting feature of the device is that it extends support for gestures although it comes with a main touchscreen. Users can just wave their hands in front to skip or stop the music and the bezel can be used as a way to scroll without touching the main display.

The VAIO L is expected to be available for pre-orders from 20th February and we are expecting a base price of $1200.

The company has also introduced a refreshed edition of the VAIO F 3D. Sony’s regular TV 3D glasses can be used with this device and the relative vividness of the screen seems to be a good feature.  The Core i7 processor and the GeForce GT 540M will be featured on the device to make it faster to deliver better performance. The incorporated Virtual surround speakers are promised of delivering the best quality sound output.

The company will be starting to make the device available for pre-orders from February 6th and this 3D device will be  coming with a price-tag of $1700.

The VAIO Y now comes  with a reduced price-tag as it will be available for pre-orders from February 6th for $550. Earlier, the device was priced at $800. The company has housed the AMD Fusion E series chip in the device and this is a major factor that has pulled the prices down.

The VAIO Y also features the Radeon HD 6310 graphics and the battery life is expected to be 6 hours in stock condition.

Finally, we also have the VIAO S to get powered by the new Intel Core i5 processors and it also got some graphic updates. Sony has not let out more details but we know that this 13-inch system will be available from Sunday for $900.

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