Apple iPad 2 Expected to Arrive by February 1

January 8, 2011, By Aneej Jayan

We are expecting Apple to launch the next version the Apple iPad in a few days. There have been a lot of reports coming out with the mention of the forthcoming Apple iPad 2.

We now have tweet mentions from Kevin Rose and he suggests that the device is coming in next 3-4 weeks. We are expecting a February 1st release although there are some reports that indicate the device to roll out only in March.

But all those reports that are out suggested the device to be equipped with a higher resolution display, but the exact specifications are still unknown.  We are also not sure that it would feature a Retina Display-style screen with a better resolution than the existing iPad.

We are sure about incorporation of higher pixel density, but it may not quadruple the resolution that the iPhone 4 bears.

Low resolution is highlighted as one of the notable complaints about the existing iPad display. Although we have seen Apple changing the resolution very rarely, we are expecting the company to go for a direct update for the resolution of the new model of iPad.

A bunch of Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom that come with high-resolution is in the market and Apple is expected to make a perfect move to compete against them.

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