Next Call of Duty Set to be a Prequel?

January 7, 2011, By Christian Davis

With a new year, comes new rumors. It’s almost expected now and especially with the Triple A titles like the Halo franchise and the ever popular Call of Duty franchise.

With Call of Duty: Black Ops still being played by just about every gamer, you’d think that Modern Warfare 3 would be coming down the pipeline this year. That’s not the case this time. According to they received a tip from an undisclosed industry source stating that the next Call of Duty, will be about Modern Warfare 2 fan favorite Simon “Ghost” Riley.

The skull balaclava wearing British lieutenant is supposedly going to get his own game spin off that shows his history before he joins Task Force 141. This isn’t too unlikley since comic books about him have been released and Craig Fairbrass, voice of Ghost, confirmed that the idea of Ghost spinoff about a year ago.

Maybe this game could be a download only single player game. A brand new Call of Duty this year just wouldn’t be wise. Black Ops is still going to be played for a long time and maybe Activision will not have another “of Duty” game release this year.

That’s almost impossible however.

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