Motorola ATRIX Exclusively in Canada Through Bell

January 7, 2011, By Alex Ion

The recently announced Motorola ATRIX has just been confirmed for an exclusive launch in Canada through Bell — although it won’t be promoted with the 4G tag.

Just like the AT&T version of the phone, the Canadian version of the Motorola ATRIX is a 2GHz dual-core smartphone (each core runs at 1 GHz) with online computer power. It’s actually touted as the “world’s most powerful smartphone”.

The ATRIX promises to give users the ability to connect it to actually any screen by using a compatible dock. That means it transforms into a very small but mobile laptop/PC/home entertaining center, whenever you need it to, also with a bit of help from Motorola’s webtop application.

Some other specs for Motorola ATRIX include Android 2.2 on board and a full Firefox browser with Adobe Flash 10.1 support that will allow you to access YouTube or Facebook without lacking any features. Under the hood there’s 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage space (and a microSD slot for another 32GB)

Another interesting addition is the biometric fingerprint reader that allows you unlock your mobile while providing extra security.

On top of these all we’re hearing it’s the world’s first to feature a qHD display that not only plays back at 1080p Full HD quality, also offers a brilliant resolution and 24-bit color. Just think how easy it will be to use it in direct sunlight or to read indoors.

Bell thinks that “it doesn’t get more powerful than that” and we tend to agree.

So how about you our Canadian readers, are you saving for the Motorola ATRIX?

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