Apple iPhone 5 Design Drawings Out in the Open Yet Again! Are They for Real?

January 7, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sometimes, it looks like Apple has trouble keeping secrets. Going by recent developments – that is, those happening for the past few days – we are forced to believe that Apple’s secrecy mechanism has got shaken. Earlier it was a video that brought to our desktop screen some parts that were said to be that of the next generation iPhone. Even before talk on that has died down, here comes more such stuff.

Yes, we are talking of the iPhone 5, if that is what Apple intends to call their next-gen smart phone. The latest leak shows us some line drawings which are believed to be design elements that would go into the rumored iPhone 5.

Though there’s nothing new about the design drawings as such, curiosity takes us to speculative terrain.  So on deeper thought, the line drawings look similar to parts that were leaked on video a few days ago.

If you didn’t know as yet, Apple had demanded and removed the video ever since. That doesn’t mean Apple’s secrets are not out in the open. Now, don’t you think Apple forcing the removal of the video itself suggests that the video had some truth to show us?

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