Verizon iPhone / iPhone 5 Video Pulled Out From YouTube for Copyright Issues

January 6, 2011, By Alex Ion

For those of you who can’t remember it, yesterday we posted a video where some guys in a service shop were dismantling a  new iPhone comparing it to the current model, the iPhone 4.

While many have said that it could be the up and coming iPhone 5, others thought it might be the Verizon iPhone (although it wouldn’t make sense to still have the microSD slot on the side if its Big Red). Well folks, we don’t have an answer yet, but we know for sure that Apple used their power to make the video go … boo.

It doesn’t prove anything, we know, but if we’re to speculate and read the  author’s comment ( the chaps from Global Direct Parts) between the lines — there may be some truth in all this. Guess we’ll know more soon as the guys promised more juicy information in the coming weeks — although we don’t really count on it knowing how threatening Apple can be.

From what it seems, Apple is actively hunting leakers these days. Other than the problems with the iPhone 5 / Verizon iPhone 4 video, they also found an iPad 2 casing on and had it removed from the site, too.

Conspiracy theory? Or not?

Is Apple doing what they do best: state of the art promotion/marketing?

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