Toyota Entune Infotainment System Makes CES Debut; Makes the Most of Smartphone Technology (Video)

January 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Look what Toyota has brought to the CES venue. The Las Vegas Convention Center has on the Toyota pavilion the company’s new Entune infotainment system, which makes the most of smartphone technology. Users can be proud that they will be able to access apps of the likes of Bing, iheartradio, OpenTable, and Pandora direct from the Toyota car’s touchscreen display.

Expected to arrive on Toyota’s select 2011 roll outs, the Entune system will enable users to get hold of all its offerings by just downloading the Entune app and pair their Bluetooth-capable phone with an Entune-equipped car.

Once that is done, drivers can interact with informative and entertaining mobile content without having to latch on to their phones.

Tipped by the car maker as an industry-leading advanced conversational voice recognition system, it is compatible with almost all smartphones.

Besides, it brings to the customer’s mobile phone a rich in-vehicle experience that would offer fully integrated and upgradeable entertainment, navigation, and information services.

The system will also do away with the need to memorize voice commands.

The car maker has further said that the Toyota Entune can be wirelessly upgraded too.

Among the many features being offered, Toyota Entune would bring to the user the best, including iheartradio’s more than 750 hometown stations; personalized stations with Pandora; XM satellite radio 170 plus also HD Radio, digital broadcasts.

The system will also come with USB connectivity for portable media players and traditional terrestrial radio.

Here’s a video that explains the Entune infotainment system:

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