Fujitsu Windows 7 Slate Announced at CES; Fujitsu Tablet With Oak Trail Processor Breaks Cover

January 6, 2011, By Alex Ion

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, 2011 will be the year of the tablet. Well, it looks like Fujitsu knows that, too, as the company has officially announced their Oak Trail-powered Windows 7 slate, yesterday at CES.

Fujitsu’s unnamed Windows 7 tablet is using Intel’s new Oak Trail Atom Z670 processor that was specifically designed for tablets to improve battery life and performance. Other than the powerful processor, the 10.1-inch slate is also bragging with 2GB of RAM and dual cameras, packed in a design that shouldn’t weigh more than 1.5 pounds. And on top of that it looks like there’s a Windows skin it comes bundled with.

An Android tablet with a Fujitsu logo on it, is also said to be released sometime this year when Honeycomb will be available. But according to the company that won’t before the year’s end.

We’re yet to confirm a release date and pricing, but Fujitsu’s Windows 7 slate is said to be on shelves in the second quarter of 2011.

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