iPhone 5, Verizon iPhone 4 or White iPhone to Solve the Antenna Problems? [New iPhone Tore to Pieces on Video]

January 5, 2011, By Alex Ion

Do you remember the “Antennagate” scandal that have proved that the iPhone 4 loses signal if you keep it in a certain position? We’re not coming up with a fix for it, we just wanted to assure you that Apple has been working hard to make it perfect the next time they launch one.

According to a bunch of pictures from SmartPhone Medic, the frame of the iPhone 5 or maybe the Verizon iPhone 4 (CDMA version) — or who knows, maybe the white iPhone — is going to be different compared to the current version. If these images are not fake, then it looks like the device won’t have any reception issues as it now features more of those “controversial” cuts, meaning that no matter how you keep it in your palm, you won’t be able to block all of them.

Nothing has been confirmed so far, of course, but we also have a video from a repair shop who claims to play with an iPhone 5 — play as in tore it apart and see what’s inside. Check it out below.

What do you folks think? Is this the iPhone 5, the Verizon (CDMA) iPhone or the white iPhone 4 that is due sometime very soon?

UPDATE: you can’t see the above video because Apple asked the author to pull it from YouTube. Read more here!

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