Honda Jet Plane Prototype Announced; HondaJet to Be the Civic of the Skies

January 5, 2011, By Alex Ion

Honda is going to enter the jet planes business. Or at least that’s what one could think seeing that the company has announced a new light jet prototype that uses advanced composite materials and other design tricks to achieve a 20% fuel efficiency compared to other birds. But that’s not all, HondaJet is also said to be quieter and able to fly faster than its rivals.

So what exactly makes it tick and how come it’s so “green”.

First of all the new HondaJet is bringing something new to the table. The engine is mounted on top of the wings in such a way that it reduces aerodynamic interference, and thus it lowers overall drag. Because of this, it helps reducing noise pollution by as much as 20db.

Another improvement is the fact that the engineering team used carbon composites and resins that not only made the plane lighter and more fuel efficient it also allowed for more design flexibility. That means the shape of the fuselage  helps improving the natural-laminar flow for even better drag, by redirecting the air-flow in a more optimal way.

Last but not least, the HondaJet is powered by new engines designed and produced in partnership with General Electric. The result is a set of engines with a very high air compression ratio and high-tech fluid dynamics software that optimize the engine’s airflow. All these in an effort to maximize the jet’s performance — which we think they have achieved quite well.

Not sure about you folks, but it looks like a very sleek jet to me. Now all I need is to win the lottery and afford such a birdie to fly me around.

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