Under Siege Sony PlayStation 3 Release Delayed Yet Again!

January 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We were looking at November first. We then had to shift focus to December. It, now, seems like we may have to extend our wait. Under Siege, the PlayStation 3 exclusive game, will be delayed for some more time.

If you would remember, the game had been announced back in March 2009and was tipped to debut that year itself. However, a further announcement said the game launch was being pushed to November 3rd, 2010. Even that did not happen. Later on, we heard, the game will arrive by December 2010.

December and the whole of 2010 have since passed by, with no trace of Under Siege’s arrival. Now, according to developer Seed Studios, the game is further being delayed.

Seed has said on a Facebook post that the delay has been due to the fact that this is the first time that the developer has ever produced and published a project of their own. Yet another reason being talked about is that Sony has been very rigorous with their quality assurance process, which in turn has caught Seed Studios on the wrong foot.

The delay not withstanding, we believe that when the game finally arrives would be a picture of perfection. We say this because we have full belief in Sony’s quality assurance process. May be then, the delay could be forgotten.

What we are now looking at is a new launch date, so that we can keep our eyes open to see Under Siege for real. Join us?

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