Microsoft Windows TV to be Launched at CES

January 4, 2011, By Leo Xavier

It appears that at CES, Microsoft will not just reveal its roadmap for tablet PCs and explain how Windows will run on them. Microsoft will also be making an announcement at the event that could turn out to be a big problem for the Google TV and the Apple TV.

It seems that Microsoft has plans to enter the web-based set top box space. The company is expected to unveil a Windows-based set top box that will take on Apple and Google at CES starting on Thursday.

The new product is expected to be named as Windows TV, and it is said to be coming with the platform that is a stripped-down version of the existing Windows operating system. There is no word on the specs of the device, but it is expected to have the Windows Media Center interface.

The device will also have a streamlined TV program guide that pulls together online and broadcast content simultaneously.

The new set top box will retail for around $200 when it goes on sale later this year.

If the company unveils the Windows TV at CES, it will be a big advantage for Microsoft but will be a bigger problem for both Apple and Google, who seems to have no plans of their own to showcase their technologies at the show.

And you might already know that Google had asked its Google TV partners to delay the release of their Google TV products so that Google can fix the software.

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