LG Optimus 2X vs iPhone 4: Browsing Speeds [Video]

January 4, 2011, By Alex Ion

The upcoming Tegra 2 powered LG Optimus 2X is said to debut at CES 2011 this week. Adding hype to the phone’s launch in Las Vegas, we’ve seen a video with the two smartphones battling for supremacy over browser performance. And believe it or not, the Optimus 2X is said to take on the iPhone 4 … easily.

While the video is far from being scientific — as we don’t know what connections the two phones used, if any of the phones loaded those pages before (whether pages were cached or not) — it looks like the Optimus 2X is a quite a piece of hardware with its dual-core processor.

Also, take into account the fact that the Optimus 2X is said to have been weighed down by the fact that it has Adobe Flash Player 10.1 support 🙂

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Is LG’s Android superstar a great candidate to take on the iPhone 4?

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