LG LZ9700 Largest Ever Full LED-backlight LCD 3D TV Arrives at CES 2011

January 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

CES 2011 will see LG unveiling their new 72-inch television, with the claim that it would be the world’s largest Full LED-backlight LCD 3D TV. Named LG LZ9700, the new product will have significant properties, owing to the fact that it will come with capabilities for easy access to the full set of premium online content and LG Apps.

To offer viewers life-sized action in both 2D and 3D, the LZ LZ9700 will have a full panel of LEDs illuminating the screen directly from the rear.  Built to combine picture quality features with 3D capabilities, the new Full LED-backlight LCD 3D TV is being touted by the company as a potential candidate to take the lead in the TV market .

Further, the full LED display is vast and that helps in putting forth wider, sharper pictures. The 3D capabilities add to the viewing experience. LG has also incorporated TruMotion 400Hz offerings so that a fast processing rate for smooth 3D images is ensured.

Other prominent aspects include a Home Dashboard that helps choose from among  premium content from global providers as well as the locally sourced shows and movies. You will also be able to pick from the LG apps collection.

User friendliness is another aspect thrown in. LG has included its Magic Motion Remote Control that helps smooth operation. Look forward to a commercial release of the LZ9700 very soon.

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